This guy proudly embraces rape culture and isn’t afraid to show it

Don’t we all just love these college-aged, usually white cis ultra-conservative males who feel the need to fully display their stupidity by declaring how edgy and anti-mainstream they are? Yeah, I don’t either. Anyway, some dude at the University of Arizona thought it would be cool to show up to an anti-rape rally earlier this […]

Racist Reporting in Boston Bombings

Renee at Womanist Musings has a great piece up about the blatantly racist reporting done by the mainstream media during their coverage of the Boston Marathon attacks. These biased speculations and analyses are the norm as most mainstream media outlets and their reporters are stacked with mostly cis, white heterosexual men who have no problems […]

Fired sergeant: Trayvon Martin targets were “no-shoot training aids”

Showing up to work with targets that resemble Trayvon Martin is not a smart decision. So, why did a police sergeant in Brevard County, Florida, do just that?! Sergeant Ron King is now out of a job due to his actions. Officials with Port Canaveral said a police sergeant has been fired after he brought […]

After criticism from 8-year-old, Tennessee lawmaker withdraws welfare bill

You don’t too often about children standing up for the rights of those who are receiving government assistance. Meet Aamira Fetuga, an 8-year-old home schooled student who hounded Tennessee Republican State Sen. Stacey Campfield for his sponsorship of a bill that would tie welfare benefits to how students performed in the classroom. Aamira on Thursday confronted […]

Can’t pay for school lunch? Then no food for you, child!

This is the message about 25 students in Attleboro, Massachusetts, got when they showed up for lunch at their middle school. Those students who did not have enough money on their pre-paid cards were forced to throw out their food and leave the lunch room on empty stomachs. One parent, Jo-An Blanchard, told NBC 10 that her […]

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