“Graphic” anti-abortion ads will air during Super Bowl

The anti-abortion crowd will use an all-American past time to promote its reactionary views. Super Bowl  XLVI viewers on Feb. 5 will see “graphic,” bloody anti-abortion ads courtesy of presidential candidate Randall Terry. From the linked article: Terry has already run political ads featuring graphic images of babies killed by abortion during the first and second trimester. […]

Georgia legislator fears Romney’s Mormon faith, apologizes

Our Georgia politicians are known for sticking their feet into their mouths. The same can be said for State Rep. Judy Manning (R-Marietta), who earlier this week noted she feared GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith: By contrast, Manning believes Rick Santorum doesn’t have the seasoning to unseat Obama, and Mitt Romney concerns her. “I think Mitt Romney […]

“My strength is not for hurting. Men can stop rape.”

That is the message MyStrength.org is sending to visitors of its website. The campaign is a project of the California Department of Health Services and the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault that is focused on ending sexual violence. Unlike other campaigns that focus on victim blaming, California’s initiative puts the ball into the court of […]

Sh*t white girls say to black girls–or sh8*t black women have to put up with

While many of the Sh*t [insert race and/or gender here] say videos are widely stereotypical and not flattering, this one caught my eye. While the woman, Franchesca Ramsey, portraying the white woman in the video exaggerates the worst stereotypes about young white women, I can’t say the message or the generalized statements in the skits […]

NASCAR driver trashes public breastfeeding, quickly apologizes

Apparently, NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne has a problem with seeing a woman’s breasts perform their sole function: nursing. Kahne took to Twitter to complain about a woman breastfeeding her baby in public, but quickly apologized for his rant. The screenshot below is his tweets about what he saw that supposedly horrified him. Credit: Mediate The […]

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