Personhood USA dubs its campaign the “new Civil Rights Movement”

What is about the Civil Rights Movement and black Americans’ struggle for equality and first class citizenship that makes privileged bodies believe they can inaccurately appropriate to publicize their cause? Personhood USA, the organization behind the failed attempt in Mississippi to declare a zygote a human, is obviously not deterred by the resounding rejection of […]

Mississippi voters did the right–and wrong–thing

The notion that zygotes are human beings was resoundingly rejected by Mississippi voters last night. And this pro-choice activist couldn’t be happier. Amendment 26 was rejected by 58 percent of voters in Mississippi, a state that’s overwhelmingly conservative. The vote to reject the amendment is a victory for those who value a woman’s right to seek an […]

On confronting privilege

No one said confronting the establishment would be easy, painless and free of hurdles and attempts at erasures. While I’m aware of this, I’m still dismayed, disappointed and angered by the wall of privilege, denial and diversionary tactics I encounter whenever I confront a system set up to benefit straight, cisgendered white men. I recently had a conversation […]

Stand up for Planned Parenthood and participate in the July 7 blog carnival!

Bloggers at What Tami Said and Shakesville on July 7 will host My Planned Parenthood, a blog carnival in which they will share the stories of women and men helped by the organization, which is under attack in Indiana. According to the Indianapolis Star, Planned Parenthood will “stop seeing Medicare patients lay off two sexually transmitted disease […]

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