Ann Coulter: “Our blacks are better than their blacks”

httpv:// You only have to watch the first minute of this garbage to hear Ann Coulter once again put her foot in her mouth. Anyway, the conservative political analyst went on FOX News with Sean Hannity and proclaimed black Republicans and conservative are “better” than the blacks who are on the political left. She and […]

Student group launches campaign targeting racist Halloween costumes

Why didn’t I think of this idea when I was in college? Students Teaching Against Racism (STARS) is launching a campaign to raise awareness of the plethora of Halloween costumes designed to mock stereotypes of minorities and people of color. From the linked article above: STARS, a student organization at Ohio University, created a series […]

Only in post-racial America can boycotting the president’s speech be considered patriotism

You remember in the previous decade where any sort of criticism of the government, specifically former Pres. George W. Bush, was seen as unpatriotic and un-American? You’d forget that sort of ridiculous standard was imposed upon the American electorate if it weren’t for the hypocrisy many of these patriotism pill pushers. Many school districts are […]