Arizona state lawmaker suggests holiday to celebrate white people

No joke! State Rep. Cecil Ash is suggesting it’s time for whiteness to get its formal recognition in lieu of all these brown and black folks getting their own holidays and special months. The lawmaker supposedly made the recommendation during a debate with a democratic lawmaker in Arizona’s state house: “I wanted to speak to […]

Things white activists say to activists of color

httpv:// This is probably one of my favorite installment of shit/things  [insert group of people] say to [insert another group of people] videos. Every white, cis, feminist, anarchist, anti-capitalism activist needs to watch this video as I’m sure they’ve on occasion made these absurd, ignorant statements in the name of being progressive.

Interracial ad draws controversy

Many of us in the U.S. wouldn’t get riled up when we see advertisements such as this. However, in South Africa, some folks are outraged at the ad, according to the Washington Post. The poster, created by South African’s  Democratic Alliance Youth, was for the organization’s 2012 membership campaign. The poster has dominated conversation among […]

White guy explains why “Shit White Girls Say To Black Girls” isn’t racist

httpv:// Every white person who claimed they were offended by Franchesca Ramsey’s videos need to watch this man, who blogs at Future Talk, break it down as to why these videos aren’t racist. Who knows, maybe having a white person explain what black folks have been saying for decades will finally serve as a breakthrough […]

“Why are you so angry?”

It’s a question many social justice activists get from those who are more than contempt with the way things are. When we are asked this question, it’s never out of genuine interest about the things we are passionate with; the inflection in the inquisitor’s voice is one of befuddlement, agitation, annoyance that you are committed […]