Natural hair dolls? Love it!

I could have definitely used this when I was growing up. There’s a line of dolls geared towards black girls and they sport natural hair styles! Yes. Natural. Hair. Styles. Natural Girls & Women United makes custom ethnic dolls, which are designed to “bring a positive view of what ethnic beauty is,” according to the […]

Ga. State freshman starts “It’s So Hard Being White” group

Following the meme that white folks are now the oppressed minority in the good ol U.S. of A, a student at Georgia State University in Atlanta has started a White Student Union. The informal band, according to this article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, has already garnered some criticism and complaints that have been directed at […]

Parents of ‘Booty Pop’ rapper, 6, set to shoot another video

Y’all may have heard of the video in which a 6-year-old child, Albert Roundtree Jr., mused about his sexual capabilities while being flanked by half-naked adult women and the backlash it’s receiving. Well, apparently the child’s parents are gearing up for their baby to appear in a second video. The director of the video is also […]