Reconsider Columbus Day

httpv:// Wouldn’t it be great if American school children weren’t force-fed the racist, ethnocentric lie of Christopher Columbus’ “discovery” of the New World? Wouldn’t it be great if students actually learned about the mass pillaging, rape, disease, torture and murder committed by Columbus in the name of the 15th century’s Manifest Destiny? Instead, each year on […]

>Nothing like white male paternalism….

> FYI, the excerpt starts at 6:22… I’m sure that blacks who were enslaved would give anything to live like their descendants are right now. Just sayin’… Anyway, what is up with these pro-life advocates screaming their belief that black Americans are under siege by those murderous abortionists and organizations like Planned Parenthood? We’ve seen with the Too […]

>Awesome opinion on abortion, women of color and the anti-choice campaign’s use of eugenics

>Pamela Merritt has a wonderful opinion on RH Reality Check on women of color and the anti-choice focus on eugenics: Just days before the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, a fellow activist sent me a link to a video posted by the anti-choice group Bound for Life.  I was vaguely familiar with Bound for Life from having […]