On confronting privilege

No one said confronting the establishment would be easy, painless and free of hurdles and attempts at erasures. While I’m aware of this, I’m still dismayed, disappointed and angered by the wall of privilege, denial and diversionary tactics I encounter whenever I confront a system set up to benefit straight, cisgendered white men. I recently had a conversation […]

>Looks like crazy ol’ Uncle Glenn is flyin’ off the handle again

> http://cloudfront.mediamatters.org/static/flash/player.swf Slavery “started with seemingly innocent ideas,” according to Glenn Beck……… What’s so innocent about invading another state/nation, imposing your ideas and beliefs on them and capturing their people to enslave for the dominant state/nation’s benefit? 

>Nothing like white male paternalism….

> FYI, the excerpt starts at 6:22… I’m sure that blacks who were enslaved would give anything to live like their descendants are right now. Just sayin’… Anyway, what is up with these pro-life advocates screaming their belief that black Americans are under siege by those murderous abortionists and organizations like Planned Parenthood? We’ve seen with the Too […]