CeCe McDonald’s fight is every black woman’s fight

To be honest, I planned to write a post in support of CeCe McDonald months ago. But, I never got around to it. Now, I can’t ignore her plight any longer. In case you aren’t aware, the CeCe McDonald case goes back nearly two years. She was sentenced to 41 months in a case in […]

This guy proudly embraces rape culture and isn’t afraid to show it

Don’t we all just love these college-aged, usually white cis ultra-conservative males who feel the need to fully display their stupidity by declaring how edgy and anti-mainstream they are? Yeah, I don’t either. Anyway, some dude at the University of Arizona thought it would be cool to show up to an anti-rape rally earlier this […]

Egyptian court acquits army doctor accused of performing virginity tests

Not a good day for the hundreds of women who had this blatant violation of their bodies performed on them: An Egyptian court has acquitted an army doctor accused of forcibly administering virginity tests on female detainees, state-run Nile TV said Sunday. The court acquitted the doctor because of contradictory testimony from witnesses, the government-run website […]

Embracing misogyny, PETA promotes violent sex with new campaign ad

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0vQOnHW0Kc From likening the abuse of animals to everything from racism to slavery, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals never ceases to amaze me. PETA’s latest campaign not only reeks of misogyny, but also perpetuates the sexist notion that all women want to be treated like elastic porn stars in bed. Here’s a transcript of […]

What we can learn from the Strauss-Kahn case

Many activists, bloggers, feminists, womanists and those in between pretty much knew the chambermaid’s case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn was tough to prove from the start. There was no concrete physical evidence; he was the powerful leader of the International Monetary Fund; she was a working class mother trying to make ends meet. The case drew […]