>Making a profit from sex

> Courtesy Associated PressPaula Jones, left, and Gennifer Flowers have announced they are offering videos of their thoughts on former President Bill Clinton for a fee of $1.99 on their website. It’s the American way to make a living: selling sex to make a profit. This way to make a quick buck is not immune […]

>Happy Mother’s Day

>To commemorate Mother’s Day, I thought we all share some thoughts on the ones who gave birth and/or raised us. What is your most vivid memory of your mother? I have plenty of memories with my mom. I still do. She’s always there whenever I need her. She’s also always there to lend an ear […]

>Soaring food prices

>Quick post here: I went to the grocery store last week and did my usual shopping. I ended up spending around $10 more than I normally spend. Bread, milk and other dairy products have taken a sharp turn for the worse. Have you been affected by the rise in food prices? Are you tightening your […]

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