Trans woman wins court battle

Vandy Beth Glenn, the trans-woman who was fired from her job as an editor and proofreader of legislation from the Georgia General Assembly, has won a ruling against the legislature. The three-judge federal appeals court in Atlanta issued a unanimous ruling upheld a previous ruling made last year and stated Glenn did experience sex discrimination. […]

On confronting privilege

No one said confronting the establishment would be easy, painless and free of hurdles and attempts at erasures. While I’m aware of this, I’m still dismayed, disappointed and angered by the wall of privilege, denial and diversionary tactics I encounter whenever I confront a system set up to benefit straight, cisgendered white men. I recently had a conversation […]

Ablow: Don’t let your kids watch Chaz Bono on ‘Dancing’

I’m no fan of Dr. Keith Ablow, the bigoted conservative FOX News “health advisor.” If I had any other reason to despise his views and opinions, his latest musings on Chaz Bono and ABC’s Dancing With The Stars “controversy” is enough to kindle my activist flame. The good doctor instructs parents not to let their children watch Bono […]

>Great news for transgender woman who sued the GA legislature

>You may recalled I posted about the transgender woman who was fired from her job as a legislative editor at the GA General Assembly for opting to undergo a sex change. Well, U.S. District Judge Richard Story has ruled that Vandy Beth Glenn faced sex discrimination and has scheduled a hearing for July 13 to […]