>Is ‘seperate but equal’ news network a good idea?

>We’ve all heard former Congressman J.C. Watt’s plan to start a cable news network targeted at African-Americans. The idea has intrigued many bloggers, news pundits and columnists. While some welcome Congressman Watt’s idea, others view it with skepticism. Over at TheRoot.com, Mychal Massie takes issue with creating a black news network, saying that black news […]

>Commentator: Why I don’t like StuffWhitePeopleLike

>The popular blog, StuffWhitePeopleLike, has gotten some criticism from commentators, specifically by Gary Dauphin, who argues that the blog is nothing but a “classic, lazy con-job.” I’ll confess that part of my antipathy is just old-fashioned player hate. Nothing gets under my (colored, nearly-middle-aged) skin like the spectacle of a twentysomething white kid doing what […]