Reconsider Columbus Day

Wouldn’t it be great if American school children weren’t force-fed the racist, ethnocentric lie of Christopher Columbus’ “discovery” of the New World? Wouldn’t it be great if students actually learned about the mass pillaging, rape, disease, torture and murder committed by Columbus in the name of the 15th century’s Manifest Destiny? Instead, each year on Columbus […]

>States in the land of the former Confederacy gear up to celebrate secession

>Good ol’ boys in the South and they sympathizers continue their white wash of history as some organizations across the southeast prepare to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the south’s secession from the United States.  The events include a “secession ball” in the former slave port of Charleston (“a joyous night of music, dancing, food and drink,” […]

>Looks like crazy ol’ Uncle Glenn is flyin’ off the handle again

> Slavery “started with seemingly innocent ideas,” according to Glenn Beck……… What’s so innocent about invading another state/nation, imposing your ideas and beliefs on them and capturing their people to enslave for the dominant state/nation’s benefit? 

>Proposed Ariz. law would deny citizenship to American-born children of illegals

> Arizona continues its campaign to stamp out all aspects of minority existence with a proposed law that would deny birth certificates to children of illegal immigrants in the state. From Rep. John Kavanagh, a Republican supporter of the bill: “If you go back to the original intent of the drafters … it was never […]

>Virginia declares April Confederate History Month

>I want to thank What Tami Said for alerting me to this. So, Virginia has paid homage to the Old South by declaring April as Confederate History Month. You can read Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell’s official proclamation here. As you recall, Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue issued a similar proclamation last April declaring it Confederate History Month […]

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