Bill could mandate publication of abortion data

A bill considered by a Tennessee State House committee would require the publication of data on abortions, according to the Tennessean. Doctors who perform abortions could see their names listed in the data base and women who receive an abortion could have their identities “unintentionally” revealed. State lawmakers are debating a measure that would require the Department […]

States continue push for fetal rights over women’s rights

Looks like my home state of Georgia has hopped onto the bandwagon of slowly eating away at a woman’s right to an abortion. The Georgia House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a bill that would cut six weeks off the time a woman has to get an abortion in the state. The legislation, House Bill […]

CNN contributor likens Virginia ultrasound law to consensual sex

The illustration above depicts how a vaginal ultrasound would be performed. As you know, vaginal ultrasounds have been in the news due to Virginia set to pass what some call its state-sponsored rape bill requiring women to have their cervices probed before they can have an abortion. And CNN contributor Dana Loesch is just fine with […]

Romney is “not concerned about the very poor…”

httpv:// It’s hard for me to like Mitt Romney. I used to have some respect for him as a moderate Republican, but he’s slowly making his way down towards the top of my Politicians I’d Like To Disappear list. In an interview with CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, the likely GOP presidential nominee said he’s not concerned […]

Herman Cain goes racial

httpv:// We knew this spin was coming on the allegations against Herman Cain that he sexually harassed three women while employed at the National Restaurant Association. One accuser may release a statement on the allegations as soon as today, CNN is reporting. If you want to avoid the over-the-top woe is me plea in the […]