>Jim Holt blames CBS reporter for her attack

>Jim Holt (@gatewaypundit on Twitter), blogger for The Gateway Pundit at the RightNetwork, is criticizing CBS reporter Lara Logan for wading into the revolutionary waters in Egypt in the midst of protester’s calls for President Hosni Mubarak to resign. On background, Logan is the CBS reporter who was allegedly physically and sexually assaulted Feb. 11 […]

>For women, cries of sexual assault and rape continue to fall on indifferent ears

>Decades after protests, sit-ins and bra burnings, women and girls have made tremendous strides and progress in equality and success in many aspects of our society. Women now surpass men when it comes to graduating high school and college and continue to excel in post-graduate studies. Despite these historic gains, women and girls continue to […]

>To fight rape, doctor invents female condom with teeth

> I saw this article on CNN and it intrigued me not because of the innovation, but because the situation in South Africa that’s caused this doctor to go to this extreme. Dr. Sonnet Ehlers is distributing Rape-aXe, female condoms with jagged rows of teeth-like structures that attaches on a man’s penis during penetration. Once […]

>NPR story on how colleges fail sexual assault victims

> Above is Laura Dunn’s interview with The Center for Public Integrity about her sexual assault while attending college. NPR had an excellent story about the organization’s study of sexual assaults on campus. Public colleges and the government agency that oversees them, the report concluded, often fails to protect sexual assault victims. I heard it […]