Alleged rape victim in Libya speaks to Anderson Cooper This is part two of the interview with Eman al-Obeidy, the woman who said she was raped by forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi’s regime. In the interview, Cooper questions the woman about some of the allegations those loyal to the regime have made towards her: that she was drunk when she initially told reporters […]

>Indiana GOP Rep: Women will claim rape or incest to get abortions

>Women will make up claims of rape and incest just to get abortions. That’s according to Indiana State Representative Eric Turner, a Republican who introduced a bill that would make abortions after 20 weeks illegal. His bill would also prevent insurance companies from covering abortions under the new federal health care law. The Indiana House […]

>More rape apologist crap…from another woman

>Just when you thought more outlandish and baffling statements can’t come from the Cleveland, Tex. rape case, you were once again proven wrong. The Broward Palm Beach News Times reported last week that Republican Rep. Kathleen Passidomo (right) said the 11-year-old girl was raped because her parents let her dress up like a prostitute. Here’s […]