Women bearing cleavage accused of “biological sexual harassment”

Every once in a while, we get these asinine assertions from folks that women and our mixed signals are to blame for  unwanted male attention. The latest in this installment came from an opinion published on Feb. 11 in the Sydney Morning Herald. The piece features long-winded, unnecessary analysis as well as interviews with women who […]

Santorum to pregnant rape victims: “make the best out of a bad situation”

We all knew Rick Santorum was a raging anti-abortion politico who finds it appalling that a black man like President Barack Obama can have a pro-choice stance. But, he’s also a cold, callous anti-abortion political has-been who believe rape victims should embrace their pregnancies: From an interview he did with CNN’s Piers Morgan: MORGAN: On […]

“My strength is not for hurting. Men can stop rape.”

That is the message MyStrength.org is sending to visitors of its website. The campaign is a project of the California Department of Health Services and the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault that is focused on ending sexual violence. Unlike other campaigns that focus on victim blaming, California’s initiative puts the ball into the court of […]