Study: whites believe they are victims of racism more often than blacks

A new study completed by researchers at Tufts University’s School of Arts and Sciences and Harvard Business School concludes whites believe they are the primary victims of racism. A brief background on the study: Sommers and his colleagues asked a nationwide sample of 208 blacks and 209 whites to complete questionnaires asking how much racial […]

Why Big Media dodged the racism behind the birther movement

Donald Trump has pulled off one of the best publicity stunts this country has seen in a long time. He forced the president’s hand, taking the credit for getting Barack Obama to prove he’s a red-blooded American and not some Kenyan infiltrator who hoodwinked Americans into electing him. He tapped into an unrecognized racism brewing in many […]

The “I never thought it was racist” argument is not an excuse for racism

This is the type of thinking Orange County, Calif. Republican Party member Marilyn Davenport displayd in her explanation of why she sent an e-mail with this attachment in it: The e-mail was in reference to the Birthers’ claims that President Barack Obama can’t produce a birth certificate. The image justifies why Obama, according to the […]

>Black Councilman told by white colleague to work in cotton field

> It should be noted the NAACP is asking City Councilman John Williams to resign after making these comments to Councilman Daron Lee. If you read the story linked above, there is some interesting background information about Williams:  Williams has been a constant in local news this year, once for an incident where he […]