Not everyone in Britain is celebrating the queen’s diamond jubilee

Interesting report from Al Jazeera English, which recounts the sentiments of West Indians, who said Queen Elizabeth II should apologize for the colonialism and slavery the British Empire inflicted upon their native lands. httpv:// I always find special coverage of the British royal family similar to that of the media coverage given to special U.S. […]

Kardashian family culturally appropriates Notorious B.I.G. video

httpv:// The music of hip-hop artists and other in the African-American community aren’t safe from the glaring obsession of whiteness. The Kardashian family apparently felt it would be hip to shoot their own version of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize” music video during  a trip to the Dominican Republic. Complete with whiteness’ take on swag, the family […]

SPLC files complaint against school district, cites Twitter rant of employee

Who knew Twitter would be the go-to social media app where folks can express their racist views unabashed. A Jefferson Parish, La., school psychologist Mark Traina, who went on a racist rant about so-called “young black thugs.” Traina made the tweets in January, but recently came to light when the Southern Poverty Law Center filed […]

Yet another celebrity goes on a racist, homophobic Twitter rant

This type of news has come to be expected. Celebrities just can’t behave themselves when they enter the realm of social media. The latest in this buffoonery is former SNL comedian Colin Quinn, who recently went on a rant against gay marriage and the news that white births are being outpaced by babies of color. […]

When did homophobia become about protecting white people?

That is the question I want to pose to Jodie Brunstetter, the wife of North Carolina State Senator Peter Brunstetter, who has been a big advocate for Amendment 1. The amendment, if approved by voters, would outlaw same-sex marriage in the state. Brunstetter was reported saying to poll workers the amendment is about protecting white folks […]