Interracial ad draws controversy

Many of us in the U.S. wouldn’t get riled up when we see advertisements such as this. However, in South Africa, some folks are outraged at the ad, according to the Washington Post. The poster, created by South African’s  Democratic Alliance Youth, was for the organization’s 2012 membership campaign. The poster has dominated conversation among […]

Sh*t white girls say to black girls–or sh8*t black women have to put up with

httpv:// While many of the Sh*t [insert race and/or gender here] say videos are widely stereotypical and not flattering, this one caught my eye. While the woman, Franchesca Ramsey, portraying the white woman in the video exaggerates the worst stereotypes about young white women, I can’t say the message or the generalized statements in the […]

Can white people use the n-word?

I thought about blogging about this topic when theGrio pondered in its article about Kreayshawn, a young white female rapper from Oakland, whether white rappers can use the word nigger. Kreayshawn apparently thought she had enough street cred to drop the n-word in a Twitter posting last week: From theGrio: People are actin so funny omg lol—1 got […]