Romney is “not concerned about the very poor…”

httpv:// It’s hard for me to like Mitt Romney. I used to have some respect for him as a moderate Republican, but he’s slowly making his way down towards the top of my Politicians I’d Like To Disappear list. In an interview with CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, the likely GOP presidential nominee said he’s not concerned […]

Ron Paul’s associates confirm what we already know

The Washington Post is reporting something many of Ron Paul’s critics–mainly POCs–already knew: that he “pursued a marketing strategy” to promote his racist newsletters. Of course, the libertarian running as a GOP presidential candidate has denied he gave the nod to publish the newsletters. But people close to Paul’s operations said he was deeply involved […]

>The Birther movement continues on…will it be an issue in 2012?

> Apparently, Donald Trump is “really concerned” about President Barack Obama not being born in the United States, so he is demanding the president produce a birth certificate to prove the conspiracy theorists wrong.  Le Sigh. Exactly why are the birthers still pushing this issue?  I loved watching the video above and how the […]