Only in post-racial America can boycotting the president’s speech be considered patriotism

You remember in the previous decade where any sort of criticism of the government, specifically former Pres. George W. Bush, was seen as unpatriotic and un-American? You’d forget that sort of ridiculous standard was imposed upon the American electorate if it weren’t for the hypocrisy many of these patriotism pill pushers. Many school districts are […]

>The Birther movement continues on…will it be an issue in 2012?

> Apparently, Donald Trump is “really concerned” about President Barack Obama not being born in the United States, so he is demanding the president produce a birth certificate to prove the conspiracy theorists wrong.  Le Sigh. Exactly why are the birthers still pushing this issue?  I loved watching the video above and how the […]

>Thanks to 93 Republicans and 1 Democrat, Georgia may join the birther movement

>A majority of Georgia House members have signed onto a measure that would force any presidential or vice-presidential candidate to show proof of their citizenship to the Georgia Secretary of State’s office if they want to get on the ballot. There were 93 Republicans and one Democrat who signed onto the measure. 21 Republicans refused […]

>Why the 2010 midterm elections weren’t a surprise

>While I’m not that old, I’ve picked up on the trends of our country’s election cycle. It’s a cycle that has predictable beginning, middle and end points. It’s also a cycle that’s become as predictable as the expression on your children’s faces when they’re up to no good. Despite what big media and the talking […]