Sensenbrenner: Michelle Obama has “large posterior”

No First Lady’s body has been picked apart, criticized and laughed at as much as Michelle Obama’s figure. Wisconsin Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner is the latest public figure to give his two cents on Obama’s body. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wisc.), known for his cantankerous ways and for not speaking to media unless it’s his idea, was overheard at […]

Wisconsin cuts funding for screening program run by Planned Parenthood

The war on Planned Parenthood and women’s rights continues. Planned Parenthood has been notified by the state of Wisconsin that its contract to run the state’s Wisconsin Well Woman program will not be renewed, effectively cutting off free breast and cervical health screenings for uninsured women seeking services at health departments in Fond du Lac, […]

Trans woman wins court battle

Vandy Beth Glenn, the trans-woman who was fired from her job as an editor and proofreader of legislation from the Georgia General Assembly, has won a ruling against the legislature. The three-judge federal appeals court in Atlanta issued a unanimous ruling upheld a previous ruling made last year and stated Glenn did experience sex discrimination. […]

More lawmakers propose personhood amendments

Despite Mississippi’s failed attempt to grant right to zygotes continues to fall on deaf ears in other states. Lawmakers in Colorado and Virginia have dropped bills that would follow Mississippi’s steps. In Virginia, Delegate Bob Marshall (R) filed legislation that would amend the state constitution to declare that the “life of each human being begins at conception” […]