Santorum staffer: a female president would harm children’s lives

I saw this story on Think Progress and I visited the original article from the Des Moines Register, which referenced the staffer’s beliefs in a rundown on nine reasons why Michele Bachmann’s campaign imploded. Sexism among conservatives was listed as number 5: Rival presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s Iowa coalitions director, Jamie Johnson, sent out an email […]

Shit Everybody Says To Rape Victims

httpv:// This latest installment of the Shit [insert group of people} Says to [insert another group of people] was bound to be made. I think the woman (named therapelady) in the video does a good job in covering all the bases on the tired excuses and erasures rape victims face from friends, family members, intimate […]

Pat Buchanan blames “militant gays,” people of color for his demise

One can’t be surprised at Pat Buchanan’s assessment of his situation at MSNBC. He told Sean Hannity about the campaign from marginalized folks to take him off the air. From The Huffington Post: “Look, for a long period of time the hard left, militant gay rights groups, militant — they call themselves civil rights groups, […]

Georgia legislator fears Romney’s Mormon faith, apologizes

Our Georgia politicians are known for sticking their feet into their mouths. The same can be said for State Rep. Judy Manning (R-Marietta), who earlier this week noted she feared GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith: By contrast, Manning believes Rick Santorum doesn’t have the seasoning to unseat Obama, and Mitt Romney concerns her. “I think Mitt Romney […]

Happy Holidays!

Whether you’re celebrating Winter Solstice, Chanukah, Christmas or Kwanzaa, I hope everyone has a safe and joyous holiday season! While we may all be busy with our family,  don’t forget our brothers and sisters who may not have family to go home to or friends to spend time with. If you know anyone who may be alone […]