Whiteness feeds criticism of Herman Cain

The  media, Republican presidential contenders, people of color and pearl-clutching white Americans resoundingly denounced the former name of Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s hunting ranch (See Washington Post article if you’re completely clueless). Everyone from Republican presidential contenders Mitt Romney and Herman Cain to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie denounced Niggerhead, which was painted on a […]

Stop with the Hitler references

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eF6vCv13bw OBAMA, BIDEN…”are the enemy,” according to country music legend Hank Williams, Jr. Aside from the musician’s thoughts being discombobulated and all over the map, he makes some pretty stark remarks about the president, comparing him to Hitler. He made the comparison when he criticized Obama’s golf game with John Boehner. The game, he said, was […]

An open letter to Herman Cain

Dear Herman Cain: I hope this letter finds you in good spirits! I heard about some comments you made on CNN’s situation room about the black community being “brainwashed” into traditionally voting for liberal and/or Democratic candidates. You seemed a bit condescending in your remarks about the “two-thirds” and you also contradicted yourself in saying […]

Black elites once again “spar” while mainstream media looks on in awe–and amusement

President Barack Obama’s rallying speech to the Congressional Black Caucus is causing a stir among majority-white mainstream media pundits. The Washington Post indicated Obama told the CBC to “stop crying“; CNN said Obama “urges black community to ‘march with me‘”; USA Today has a story about California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters taking issue with Obama’s […]