American Life League: Planned Parenthood hooks kids on sex

The American Life League is simply out of control. In a nutshell, Planned Parenthood uses taxpayer dollars to get teens addicted to sex to sell them birth control. Once girls get pregnant, Planned Parenthood then coerce these poor souls to get abortions. This cycle continues as Planned Parenthood, according to this organization, has become clever […]

Stand up for Planned Parenthood and participate in the July 7 blog carnival!

Bloggers at¬†What Tami Said and¬†Shakesville on July 7 will host My Planned Parenthood, a blog carnival in which they will share the stories of women and men helped by the organization, which is under attack in Indiana. According to the Indianapolis Star, Planned Parenthood will “stop seeing Medicare patients lay off two sexually transmitted disease […]

>Awesome opinion on abortion, women of color and the anti-choice campaign’s use of eugenics

>Pamela Merritt has a wonderful opinion on RH Reality Check on women of color and the anti-choice focus on eugenics: Just days before the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, a fellow activist sent me a link to a video posted by the anti-choice group Bound for Life.  I was vaguely familiar with Bound for Life from having […]

>Anti-abortion group targets black women

> is launching a campaign targeted towards African-American women in the metro Atlanta area. They’ve already began putting up billboards in the area, and they are planning to put up as many as 35 by Feb. 15. Just to give you all a little background about this organization: it’s collaborating with The Radiance Foundation and […]