>Obama: no to reparations

>From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama opposes offering reparations to the descendants of slaves, putting him at odds with some black groups and leaders. The man with a serious chance to become the nation’s first black president argues that government should instead combat the legacy of slavery by improving schools, health care […]

>New McCain ad calls Obama “The One”

> Courtesy CNN.com It seems that Sen. John McCain, neglecting pressing issues Americans are facing everyday, has sunken to a new low. According to CNN.com’s political ticker, a new ad released by John McCain’s presidential campaign portrayed Sen. Barack Obama as a figure that’s all too good to believe: “It shall be known that in […]

>Do you have a “man crush?”

> AFP/Getty Images According to Jewel Woods at TheRoot.com: Why do men as diverse as Colin Powell, Michael Eric Dyson, Andrew Sullivan, Tom Joyner, Ted Kennedy, Bill Richardson, Christopher Hitchens and numerous others, appear to have such a “man crush” on Sen. Obama? The answer: his white-collar masculinity. Despite the economic trend away from blue-collar […]