Today in rape culture: “Hi Leezy Seeberg” sign appears at Norte Dame football game

This screen shot is from Saturday’s ESPN College Game Day of the Norte Dame vs. Michigan game. To your right, you will see a sign that says “Hi Lizzy Seeberg.” That isn’t someone sending a shout out to a loved one. It’s a sign referencing a 19-year-old  St. Mary’s College student who said she was sexually assaulted […]

>For women, cries of sexual assault and rape continue to fall on indifferent ears

>Decades after protests, sit-ins and bra burnings, women and girls have made tremendous strides and progress in equality and success in many aspects of our society. Women now surpass men when it comes to graduating high school and college and continue to excel in post-graduate studies. Despite these historic gains, women and girls continue to […]