Must read: NY Times article on Sandy’s exposure of race, class divide

The New York Times has an interesting article that explores how class and race have been brought to the forefront in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. The article deals with how victims, most of which are poor minorities, feel about privileged, white, upper-class New Yorkers–those same people who made gentrification a reality–are now offering their assistance. The […]

NYC acquittal is a win for rape culture

Gawker has a story about the accuser issuing a statement after the rape trail of two NYC police officers, who were acquitted last week of the charges. The statement reads: I know that in a criminal trial a verdict of not guilty does not necessarily mean the defendants were found innocent, but I am devastated […]

>Paladino: homosexuality not a “valid” option compared to heterosexuality

> I love how he says he is all about living and let live and has no problem with it, but goes on to say that he believes children “will be better off” if they got married and had children (as if marriage and popping out babies is the answer to all of society’s […]