>Why the 2010 midterm elections weren’t a surprise

>While I’m not that old, I’ve picked up on the trends of our country’s election cycle. It’s a cycle that has predictable beginning, middle and end points. It’s also a cycle that’s become as predictable as the expression on your children’s faces when they’re up to no good. Despite what big media and the talking […]

>My take on the Coons-O’Donnell senate debate

> http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/.element/apps/cvp/3.0/swf/cnn_416x234_embed.swf?context=embed&videoId=politics/2010/10/13/sot.delaware.debate.scotus.cnn That short video pretty much sums up the debate between Delaware Senate candidates Christine O’Donnell and Chris Coons. CNN has a pretty good story wrapping up the debate. I watched the majority of the debate and was left more confused about O’Donnell’s stance on key issues.  For example, she REFUSED to give co-moderator […]

>The unraveling of a Tea Party-backed candidate

>Christine O’Donnell’s dynamic rise to fame has been touted by the media as yet another Tea Party darling bucking the trend and knocking off Republican stalwarts in their bids for national office. With O’Donnell’s propelling to front of the line as one of America’s most fascinating political gadflies, the Delaware Republican Senate candidate is dragging […]