Tyrese puts independent women on notice

You know this independent kick many women are on nowadays? That trend will lead you to being alone. At least that’s Tyrese’s thinking. The R&B singer, who’s been struggling to win over black female fans, sat down with Necole Bitchie and gave his two cents on independent women and love httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pk_T_9UZmdk An excerpt from the […]

>Excuse me while I go on a rant

>Dear Steve Harvey (and other self-appointed black relationship gurus): I’ve noticed that you all have written books recently designed to give black women some insight as to why they can’t supposedly find a man. Through your poorly-research books, you have attempted to take the pulse of black men and women and apply blanket assumptions about […]

>Gay couples face higher tax bills

>How unfair is this? Gay couples often pay higher taxes because they don’t get the federal tax benefits that go with marriage. And for couples in state-sanctioned domestic partnerships, civil unions or same-sex marriages, filing federal income taxes can involve doing three sets of paperwork instead of one. What do you think? Shouldn’t this be […]