>Michigan assistant attorney general goes after Michigan student

>The lack of professionalism and maturity on behalf of this man is appalling. Andrew Shirvell, Michigan’s assistant attorney general, has been on what he calls a “political” campaign to wage war against University of Michigan in Ann Arbor student assembly president Chris Armstrong.  Andrew Shirvell has launched a blog called Chris Armstrong Watch to publicly declare […]

>My take on gay marriage (like you don’t already know my position)

> Ted Olson, the attorney who successfully argued in front of U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn Walker to overturn Proposition 8, makes a compelling case for the right of GLBT adults to marry across the country. He dismantled Fox News anchor Chris Wallace’s argument that Walker’s decision was based in judicial activism, something Wallace repeatedly tried […]

>Today is International Day Against Homphobia

>Today is International Day Against Homophobia, a day in which gay rights activists and their allies take a stance against homophobia across the globe. Sadly, the United States as a whole has not joined the global community in commemorating IDAHO. Doug Ireland, in his opinion piece: Here in the US, after four decades of struggle, […]