Simpson: we have “homophobes” in our party

Best comment during the video: “…But, I’m not sticking with people who are homophobic, anti-women, moral values—while you’re diddling your secretary while you’re giving a speech on moral values? Come on, get off of it.” You can’t deny Alan Simpson has a point: the Republican Party, at least on its face, is filled with anti-woman, homophobic […]

>Arkansas school board member to resign after anti-GLBTQ comments on Facebook

>”I would never support suicide for any kids. I don’t support bullying of any kids.” Those were the words of Clint McCance, vice president of the Midland School District in Pleasant Plains, Ark., who appeared on CNN’s AC360 to explain his anti-GLBTQ students. He noted his comments were “over the top” and…he “picked the wrong […]

>Yet another politician shows his dark side

> It’s become the norm in this country to have politicians who feel it’s necessary–and their right–to espouse their bigoted and hate-filled beliefs. Furthermore, as a school board member, this bigot is clearly incapable of indiscriminately serving all of his constituents.  You would think Clint McCance would have the intelligence and foresight to not use his personal Facebook […]

>Paladino: homosexuality not a “valid” option compared to heterosexuality

> I love how he says he is all about living and let live and has no problem with it, but goes on to say that he believes children “will be better off” if they got married and had children (as if marriage and popping out babies is the answer to all of society’s […]