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Gawker, MSNBC show image of Trayvon Martin’s dead body

July 12, 2013


We all know sites like Gawker exists to give folks a unique take on what’s going on in the news. They use a bit of sarcasm and, sometimes a downright disgusted tone, to mock the ridiculousness of what makes the news. Well, this afternoon, Gawker contributor Adam Weinstein decided to post a photo of an […]

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Fired sergeant: Trayvon Martin targets were “no-shoot training aids”

April 14, 2013


Showing up to work with targets that resemble Trayvon Martin is not a smart decision. So, why did a police sergeant in Brevard County, Florida, do just that?! Sergeant Ron King is now out of a job due to his actions. Officials with Port Canaveral said a police sergeant has been fired after he brought […]

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You’re not a victim, George Zimmerman

April 10, 2012


The man who shot unarmed Trayvon Martin is speaking out on the “life altering event” that’s resulted in national outcry and demands for an arrest. George Zimmerman, on his website, is also soliciting funds for his legal defense. From the USA Today: On Sunday February 26th, I was involved in a life altering event which […]

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White people: check your privilege when talking about the Trayvon Martin tragedy

April 4, 2012


On Monday morning, I did a status update on my personal Facebook profile that said: “White privilege: being able to shoot an unarmed teenager and not be arrested and/or charged with a crime.” Two friends of mine, both of which have proclaimed themselves to be liberal/progressive individuals who are tolerant/aware of racial disparities and other […]

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Do I look suspicious?

April 3, 2012


A NEWMecca Movement Production has partnered with a few Howard University students to produce this video, which criticizes the use of racial profiling. The Howard University students have a Facebook group, Howard Students for Justice, they are using to spread their campaign.

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