Conservative base “lied to,” Frum, Scarborough say

The finger pointing in the Republican presidential election 2012 meltdown continues, as conservative pundit David Frum recently weighed in on what caused Romney to be handily defeated by President Barack Obama. “The problem with Republican leaders is that they’re cowards,” Frum said, adding that the party’s base of donors “went apocalyptic” in the last four […]

Ablow: Don’t let your kids watch Chaz Bono on ‘Dancing’

I’m no fan of Dr. Keith Ablow, the bigoted conservative FOX News “health advisor.” If I had any other reason to despise his views and opinions, his latest musings on Chaz Bono and ABC’s Dancing With The Stars “controversy” is enough to kindle my activist flame. The good doctor instructs parents not to let their children watch Bono […]

>My take on gay marriage (like you don’t already know my position)

> Ted Olson, the attorney who successfully argued in front of U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn Walker to overturn Proposition 8, makes a compelling case for the right of GLBT adults to marry across the country. He dismantled Fox News anchor Chris Wallace’s argument that Walker’s decision was based in judicial activism, something Wallace repeatedly tried […]

>What we should all take away from the Shirley Sherrod affair

>Now that we’ve had a chance to dissect the Shirley Sherrod video “controversy” and the subsequent omelet-in-face fallout for Andrew Breitbart’s pseudo investigative journalism, it’s a great opportunity for everyone to take a step back and examine this news story from various angles.  The story was compelling and was perfect for a few 10-second sound byte: […]