>Arlen Specter: FAIL

>While I’m not a fan of Michele Bachmann, the first-term Congresswoman who embodies a Palinesque attitude in politics, my feminist nature requires me to come to her defense after Sen. Arlen Specter, the Republican-turned-Democrat from Pennsylvania, told her to “act like a lady” while they both appeared on a Philadephia talk radio show. “I didn’t interrupt you,” […]

>Did anyone ever call Bush I, Clinton and Bush II out on excluding women (and minorities) from sports outings?

>Liberal activists and self-proclaimed feminists have criticized Obama for surrounding himself around his “dudes” in the White House and on the field. And, as someone who’s affected by “influential” press coverage, Melody Barnes accompanied the president on a golf outing on Saturday. Barnes, wearing a baseball cap, dark long sleeve shirt and beige pants, joined […]

>Dear boys,

>Yes, that is stubble you are seeing and feeling on my legs. No, I have not shaved in a week. Why? Does hair turn you off? Would you rather me bear the pain and expense of buying razors and shaving cream every week just to make you feel more at ease when you touch my […]