>My take on the attacks on Judge Sotomayor

>For some reason or another, I’m a little uncomfortable with conservatives’ worries about Judge Sotomayor’s inability to contain her empathy in making tough (i.e., male) decisions. I hate to say it, but this notion that the likes of Sen. Orrin Hatch, Sen. Lindsey Graham, etc. have questions about a woman being able to set aside […]

>Steele continues to butt heads

> This interview with GQ Magazine with Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is creating a buzz among conservatives. The “interview” (which seems more like a friendly conversation to me) propels me to address many different issues, but I wanna just focus on the meat and potatoes of what has gotten conservatives riled up. I’ve […]

>Get your personalized Republican apology to Limbaugh!

>I must admit, I’m tickled by the new Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s website mocking Republican’s timidness in criticizing radio host Rush Limbaugh. Whenever you all get a chance, visit the site to make up an apology. On the downside, there’s not much to choose from. I’m hoping they expand by adding different phrases and Republicans […]