Must read: NY Times article on Sandy’s exposure of race, class divide

The New York Times has an interesting article that explores how class and race have been brought to the forefront in the aftermath of¬†Superstorm Sandy. The article deals with how victims, most of which are poor minorities, feel about privileged, white,¬†upper-class New Yorkers–those same people who made gentrification a reality–are now offering their assistance. The […]

“I am not Trayvon Martin”

httpv:// Finally! At least one white person is well on their way of understanding whiteness and white privilege and how both operate to suppress and subjugated people of color. Of course, some folks are pushing back against the video’s message. The blog Sherry Talks Back is at least one I’ve found to present the most…interesting […]

Diane Von Furstenberg: “All women should have children”

I was going to blog about FOX News contributor Liz Trotta, who made light of the fact that sexual assaults in the military have increased. What Trotta said was disgusting, sexist and needs to be roundly denounced by not only this country’s military officials, but soldiers and lay men and women alike. No woman should […]

Dilbert cartoonist doesn’t understand white, class privilege

I’m not the one who readily ventures into the world of the entertainment industry and what “news” celebrities are making nowadays. I rarely write about celebrities and their latest gaffes, wardrobe malfunctions, how many children they have and what crime they’ve been arrested for. I typically bump into interesting shenanigans celebrities are up to on […]