Can’t pay for school lunch? Then no food for you, child!

This is the message about 25 students in¬†Attleboro, Massachusetts, got when they showed up for lunch at their middle school. Those students who did not have enough money on their pre-paid cards were forced to throw out their food and leave the lunch room on empty stomachs. One parent,¬†Jo-An Blanchard, told NBC 10 that her […]

Diane Von Furstenberg: “All women should have children”

I was going to blog about FOX News contributor Liz Trotta, who made light of the fact that sexual assaults in the military have increased. What Trotta said was disgusting, sexist and needs to be roundly denounced by not only this country’s military officials, but soldiers and lay men and women alike. No woman should […]

Children’s takes on Georgia’s young fatties and their families

Responding to the state of Georgia’s childhood obesity epidemic, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has launched its Stop Childhood Obesity campaign. It notes Georgia has the second highest rate of childhood obesity in the country and nearly 40 percent of children in the state are either overweight or obese, “indicating that nearly 1 million children are […]