Bill would require men to get affidavit from sex partner before obtaining Viagra

I’ve always said it’s high time for legislators to start turning the tables on these politicians who believe its their God-given right to legislate a woman’s room. From the Dayton Daily News: Before getting a prescription for Viagra or other erectile dysfunction drugs, men would have to see a sex therapist, receive a cardiac stress […]

States continue push for fetal rights over women’s rights

Looks like my home state of Georgia has hopped onto the bandwagon of slowly eating away at a woman’s right to an abortion. The Georgia House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a bill that would cut six weeks off the time a woman has to get an abortion in the state. The legislation, House Bill […]

Why do you speak up?

This question was posed to me by an acquaintance via email two days ago, who was frustrated and offended curious that I feel the need to speak up against anyone who says anything I take offense to. This acquaintance, a married black man in his 30s, was a co-worker about give years ago and he […]

Virginia delegate claims he didn’t get laid due to ultrasound bill debate

Who knew all that talk about ultrasounds, abortions, uteri and women could ruin a potentially romantic night between man and wife. Virginia Delegate Dave Albo appears to be the victim of this unfortunate act and he wasn’t shy about his experience of his wife not putting out after hearing a debate regarding the so-called trans-vaginal […]

“What’s your stance on birth control?”

That question was posed to me last night via Twitter from one of my followers. It was in reference to me railing against the GOP presidential candidates during Wednesday’s CNN debate in the no brown people wanted state of Arizona. At first, I thought the question was rhetorical; that this follower, who is actually a college […]