Iconic “The Problem We All Live With” to hang in display in the White House

President Barack Obama last week made a request to the Normal Rockwell Museum to hang the iconic painter’s art work inside the White House to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Ruby Bridge’s walk to integrate the William Frantz Public School in New Orleans on Nov. 14, 1960. The painting portrays the little girl being ushered to […]


    Hello all! I’ve been on vacation over the last week. I’ve also been working on a new layout and adding some new features to my blog to create a more user friendly experience. I hope you all will bear with me as my blog will most likely undergo some changes. Furthermore, I will […]

Stand up for Planned Parenthood and participate in the July 7 blog carnival!

Bloggers at What Tami Said and Shakesville on July 7 will host My Planned Parenthood, a blog carnival in which they will share the stories of women and men helped by the organization, which is under attack in Indiana. According to the Indianapolis Star, Planned Parenthood will “stop seeing Medicare patients lay off two sexually transmitted disease […]

More scary, race-baiting, anti-abortion propaganda aimed at black women

watch?v=_YYw0_dRqQk Toomanyaborted.com, a campaign of the pro-life organization The Radiance Foundation, just stooped to a new low in their efforts to demonize black women who have abortions. The organization has launched a campaign incorporating slavery in their efforts to get black folks to stop having abortions. A little from their website: Abortion enslaves the black […]