Judge halts NC ultrasound requirement before abortion

North Carolina is yet another state that’s seeking to rollback the abortion rights of their female constituents. A law that requires women to obtain an ultrasound before they can move forward with an abortion. However, a federal judge did halt the ultrasound requirement, noting it could be a violation of a woman’s First Amendment rights. […]

No gays allowed at Georgia Baptist college

Rome, Ga.-based Shorter College revamped its faith statements, which banned its employees from being gay. The president called the move an “affirmation of our Christ-centered mission” and all employees will be required to sign the documents, which were approved by the college’s board of trustees last week. Not surprisingly, news of the faith statements have […]

Georgia wants out of Voting Rights Act “intrusion”

The state of Georgia wants three federal judges to declare parts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act unconstitutional, according to an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Georgia filed suit earlier this month asking that the court approve Republican-backed plans to redraw the state’s legislative and congressional districts. But in that filing, the state asks that […]

Judge halts Florida’s drug testing law

A federal judge in Florida on Monday temporarily blocked a law requiring welfare applicants to undergo drug testing before receiving public benefits. The judge noted the law violates the U.S. Constitution’s protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. Judge Mary Scriven ruled in response to a lawsuit filed on behalf of a 35-year-old Navy veteran and […]

Student group launches campaign targeting racist Halloween costumes

Why didn’t I think of this idea when I was in college? Students Teaching Against Racism (STARS) is launching a campaign to raise awareness of the plethora of Halloween costumes designed to mock stereotypes of minorities and people of color. From the linked article above: STARS, a student organization at Ohio University, created a series […]