Embracing misogyny, PETA promotes violent sex with new campaign ad

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0vQOnHW0Kc From likening the abuse of animals to everything from racism to slavery, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals never ceases to amaze me. PETA’s latest campaign not only reeks of misogyny, but also perpetuates the sexist notion that all women want to be treated like elastic porn stars in bed. Here’s a transcript of […]

Diane Von Furstenberg: “All women should have children”

I was going to blog about FOX News contributor Liz Trotta, who made light of the fact that sexual assaults in the military have increased. What Trotta said was disgusting, sexist and needs to be roundly denounced by not only this country’s military officials, but soldiers and lay men and women alike. No woman should […]

Anti-racist billboards spark outrage

Some residents in the overwhelmingly white city of Duluth, Minn., are up in arms over Un-Fair Campaign‘s anti-racist billboard blitz. One billboard residents are greeted with include: The organization has partnered with a number of organizations to promote its message. The campaign’s supporters, including mayor Don Ness, have taken a lot of heat for the […]

Before diversifying, white LGBT groups need to check their privilege

The Advocate published an opinion piece by Jimmy Nguyen, which calls for LGBT groups to consider diversifying their leadership. Part of the piece reads: At the executive director position, LGBT groups have historically been led almost exclusively by white men.  A step down at the board level, gay non-profits have tried for years to recruit […]

In 2012, women’s emotions, birth control remain controversial

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWAR7FeY4pA Apparently, women’s emotions may not be in the “best interest” of combat missions, according to Rick Santorum. Politico has a transcript of what Santorum responded to when CNN’s John King asked him how he feels about women on the front lines of combat missions. “Look, I want to create every opportunity for women to […]