“What’s your stance on birth control?”

That question was posed to me last night via Twitter from one of my followers. It was in reference to me railing against the GOP presidential candidates during Wednesday’s CNN debate in the no brown people wanted state of Arizona. At first, I thought the question was rhetorical; that this follower, who is actually a college […]

CNN contributor likens Virginia ultrasound law to consensual sex

The illustration above depicts how a vaginal ultrasound would be performed. As you know, vaginal ultrasounds have been in the news due to Virginia set to pass what some call its state-sponsored rape bill requiring women to have their cervices probed before they can have an abortion. And CNN contributor Dana Loesch is just fine with […]

From the wires

Here’s a roundup of stories and blog posts I’ve found across the web that are interesting. These links don’t signify an endorsement, but are merely articles I found to be conversation starters. Feel free to submit your own! Remote Australian town suffering from high rates of Indigenous suicides. Santorum backer suggests using aspirin as birth control method (but later […]

Women bearing cleavage accused of “biological sexual harassment”

Every once in a while, we get these asinine assertions from folks that women and our mixed signals are to blame for  unwanted male attention. The latest in this installment came from an opinion published on Feb. 11 in the Sydney Morning Herald. The piece features long-winded, unnecessary analysis as well as interviews with women who […]

American Life League: Planned Parenthood hooks kids on sex

The American Life League is simply out of control. In a nutshell, Planned Parenthood uses taxpayer dollars to get teens addicted to sex to sell them birth control. Once girls get pregnant, Planned Parenthood then coerce these poor souls to get abortions. This cycle continues as Planned Parenthood, according to this organization, has become clever […]