Before choosing your career I recommend students to do market research. Here we are sharing the list Top 10 High Paying Jobs In Pakistan 2020. If you are starting your career and looking for best paying jobs you are at the right place.

Most of the students face difficulty in finding a best paying job after graduation. Unemployment is increase day by day in Pakistan. Fresh graduates are looking for jobs that have high salary so they can live their livelihood with comfort and easy.

Top 10 High Paying Jobs in Pakistan

Following are the highest paying jobs in Pakistan 2020:

Finance and Accounting:

Chartered accountants are one of highest paying persons in Pakistan. They get handsome salary package. They get good salary at the start of their job and after some experience they get high salary package. They are earning between Rs.75,000 to 450,000 per month.


The marketing jobs are not high paying jobs in Pakistan but they are also high paid jobs on worldwide. The fresh graduates can easily get 15-20 thousands initially. There is a good chance of growth in this field. After some experience they can easily get Rs.30,000-200,000 per month

Telecom Engineer:

With the growing use of internet, Telecommunication engineers are in demand. It is one of the faster growing sectors. Telecom jobs are salaried between Rs.25,000-100,000 per month.

Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical engineering is one of the best profession in engineering industry. They have high demand in job market. Fresh mechanical engineers are getting 25,000 to 40,000. After some experience they can expect salary up to 1 lac.

IT Professionals:

Number of software houses are working in major cities of Pakistan. Software engineering is one the highest paying profession in Pakistan. There is a huge demand of IT professionals nationwide. IT professionals are getting Rs.50, 000 to 500,000 per month.

Graphic Designer:

Now a days there is a huge demand of creative designing. Graphic designers are earning good amount of money depending on their skills and creativity. Their salary ranges between Rs.15,000-80,000 per month.

HR Manager:

Any top company of Pakistan have high paid HR managers. In order to hire, train and career development Human Resource management department is compulsory for a company. HR managers salary ranges between Rs.35,000-150,000 per month.


Education is a good business in Pakistan. University Lecturers are getting good salary packages. The job of a professor is to deliver a lecture in their specialized subject. They are earning between Rs.30, 000-150,000 per month.

Government Jobs:

In Pakistan government jobs are considered as most secure jobs. Government jobs are most reputed and respectable jobs. After 17 grade, government job can get you up to 40k to 300k per month. Beside a good salary you can also get different benefits.

Aviation Manager:

Aviation managers are making 150k to 550k per month. This is one of the best and highest paying job in Pakistan. Their job is to ensure safety of airlines.

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