White student union founder just may be a racist

You remember Patrick Sharp, the Georgia State University student who wants white folks to get together and celebrate their whiteness?

Well, his actions may not just be some random mission. According to the Huffington Post, Sharp has a history of saying racist shit about, you guessed it, black people. The student is accused of making racially insensitive comments on Stormfront.org, a white supremacist website.

Using the aliases “frozenpie77” and “sportline,” Sharp refers to blacks by epithets such as “niggs” and “darkies” and advocates for re-segregating public schools. In more than one forum on the site — which has been banned in multiple countries for hateful content — Sharp recommends that blacks who act aggressively should be beaten up.

He also makes derisive comments about Muslims, Mexicans and Jews, who he argues committed worse crimes than the Holocaust. All of the remarks were made within the past 18 months.

When HuffPost reached out to Sharp for comment, he said: “Looking back, being online in the company of racially insensitive individuals has taught me one very important lesson: how to spot them. My most important goal with the [white student union] is to guard it from hot heads, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and anyone with nefarious intent. The WSU is no place for bigots of any kind. We’re about heritage and identity; two things that everyone else is allowed to be proud of–why can’t we?”

Sharp, who is from Birmingham, Ala., added: “As kids, we’ve all said stupid things — thank God for the 1st Amendment — but they’re only stupid if we don’t learn from them.”

Well, then. Looks like we’ve gotta fresh-faced bigot on our hands. More from Huff Po:

In addition to his comments on Stormfront, Sharp can be seen posing for a photo with editor of white nationalist magazine American Renaissance, Jared Taylor, a figure revered by many white supremacists. The two appear in a video of American Renaissance’s annual conference in Nashville, Tenn., which took place in April. The conference, which is attended by geneticists, neo-Nazis, neo-Confederates and white nationalists, among others, features speakers who discuss things like “peaceful ethnic cleansing” and how blacks allegedly have lower IQ’s than whites.

It’s interesting how Sharp’s racist feelings were spewed on the Internet in the last 18 months, but he refers to himself as making the comment when he was a kid. I’ll let that marinate considering he’s only a college freshman attending classes in Atlanta…

It’s cute how Sharp was able to spin his hate into a positive outcome for him. As if he’s now able to spot white supremacist who just want to spread their hatred of The Other. If he’s that keen on avoiding blatantly racist people, why did he feel the need to buddy up with them and pose with photos of them?

Don’t you just love this classic racist doublespeak? Sharp and people like him who are called out for their hate are not sorry for the pain and confusion their words cause. They are only sorry they are caught voicing or writing their private beliefs in a public forum. Sharp has every intention to use his White Student Union to spread the need for white people to celebrate and take pride in being white, thereby reaffirming their notion that whiteness is the norm we all should strive for.

In his ridiculous attempt at whitewashing, Sharp thanks God for granting him the First Amendment, which protects his right to voice whatever vile racist, xenophobic message he wants to shout from the rooftop. First, no matter how old you are when you utter those words, your age is not some excuse to promote your racist, xenophobic ways. And, by the time you’re a teenager, you clearly understand what’s right and what’s wrong and have a clear understanding on what words coming out of your mouth are laced with racism.

Sharp’s efforts to organize a white student union are even more pathetic since it’s a glaring contradiction of what his so-called recovery from bigotry.

Sharp hasn’t learned from his actions as he’s on his self-involved quest to create a group that promotes whiteness. Who’s to say this group won’t even turn into yet another tool in which Sharp can carry out his belief that black folks who act aggressively should be beaten?