Do Not Waste Your Money on Tyler Perry’s “Temptation”


If you’re thinking about going to see what the buzz is all about with Tyler Perry’s Temptation, don’t.

Jezebel has a great piece about Perry’s latest in his installment of blaming and shaming black women.

Not only does the movie have a rape problem, it also continues along Perry’s predictable path of unleashing some punishment on black women who deviate from binary, Christian-based gender roles. In other words, it repackages Perry’s trademark into a movie that warns women that they will contract HIV/AIDS if they are seduced by the devil!

Temptation is a movie about punishing women. Specifically, Perry is obsessed with punishing women who stray from the good woman/bad woman binary dictated by traditional Christian gender roles. That is the film’s entire purpose.

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For those who’ve seen the movie, what say you about the plot, characters and ending?