Travis Barker bashes LAPD for ‘stereotyping’ him

Apparently, Blink 182’s Travis Barker, hates the police. The musician’s rep told TMZ he was profiled in October by the Los Angeles Police Department for his eccentric appearance. Now, a video of his rant appeared on the Huffington Post and Barker expanded on his comments:

I think they stereotype a lot. I f–king hate the police, to be honest. I think they’re out of control. You see it on the news everyday, them killing like teens because they think they have something and they’re in cuffs. Like I’ve seen all sorts of stories. Mine was really minor, but I think they over do it sometimes. I think they get ahead of themselves. If anything, I should have got it 20 years ago. That’s when I deserved it, not when I’m going to pick my daughter up.

You can watch the actual video of Barker’s comments here. As expected, this isn’t Barker’s first run-in with the po-po. The LAPD cited him for driving with no license plate and illegally tinted windows.

I’m gonna be straight with you Barker. I have no sympathy for you and your whining. People of color, black and Latino men in particular, have had to grapple with the fact that their race and ethnicity makes them an acceptable target for law enforcement agencies. Everyday, people of color live with the fact that their marginalized position in society automatically qualifies them to be an inherent danger and threat to whiteness.

What you’ve experienced with the LAPD is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we people of color have to negotiate each and every day of our lives. What you experienced as being “profiled” for your tattoos and piercings is bullshit compared to the practice of overt racism and discrimination inflicted upon people of color just because whiteness has deemed this as an acceptable practice to keep society safe from our so-called inherent violent and dangerous tendencies.

Whether it’s Driving While Black, being subjected to “random” stop and frisk methods, being shot multiple of times and killed because an officer “thought” you had a gun, being shot and killed by an officer while lying face down or being shot and killed by a police officer the night before your wedding, these are the realities of growing up in a society that deems your color and your race as a liability.

These are the realities people like Travis Barker are protected from because, no matter how many tattoos and piercings they have, they are *still* white and that guarantees they will be much less likely to die by the  hands of police officers.

What are your thoughts on Barker’s comments?