Today in Post Racial America: Cop Quits After Saying He’d Volunteer to Kill Pres. Obama

Even more proof that this country still has racist undertones among its people:

Sam Koivisto, now a former Jacksonville police officer, told investigators he did comment he’d volunteer to kill President Barack Obama. He told them he was frustrated with the Nov. 6 election and the threat was all talk.

On Wednesday, Koivisto told the Times-Union the issue was “blown out of proportion” and that he was planning to retire in five months anyway. He said the early retirement was probably “best for everybody.”

What Koivisto said in the department’s auto theft office the week of the election didn’t appear to break the law but is an example of behavior among police and other agencies in Jacksonville that has been found inappropriate and even criminal in the past several months.

Koivisto, 57, retired last week rather than face an investigation into the comments he made after Obama’s re-election. During his Nov. 9 interview, he also told the integrity unit he had said he would not be bothered if a nuclear explosion “killed them all,” referring to residents of Northeastern states struck by Hurricane Sandy. They were Obama supporters, he said.

He told colleagues: “If an order was given to kill Obama or something, then I wouldn’t mind being the guy.”

He told them the comments were all hyperbole and not actual threats.

“That’s not saying I’m going to do it or would do it, and that’s never going to happen,” he added.

I mean, it’s just a joke and so not racist to threaten or advocate for the assassination of the leader of the good ol’ U.S. of A, right? It’s just a harmless expression of frustration that the Muslim Kenyan infiltrator of the good ol’ boy network won the election and will be the leader of a majority white country for the next four years. Ten years ago, we would have called that behavior unpatriotic and unbecoming of a real American.

I guess it’s too much to ask of these conservative/Republicans to extend that feeling of patriotism towards our black commander-in-chief and the authority and respect that comes with the territory.

While I shouldn’t have to say this, this cop should have been fired for even uttering these words. As a law enforcement officer, you take an oath to upload the constitution of your respective state and the federal governments, meaning you will protect and defend both documents as well as the institutions–and people–that put those documents in play. Any police officer or other official who takes a similar oath and has reservations about following through with that declaration should immediately from their role.

The pathology behind the rage and frustration among the GOP and its base at the news of President Barack Obama being re-elected is fascinating. As a liberal, I didn’t go through the phases of grief and loss like these Republicans/conservatives are undertaking (maybe I am not as dedicated to the cause of liberal/progressive politics). When John Kerry lost the 2004 handily to George W. Bush, I can’t recall progressive or liberals taking to social networks and calling for the president’s assassination. You didn’t hear liberal pundits and politicians dismissing our guy’s loss as a result of the other guy’s constituency wanting stuff or laying the blame on the other guy promising gifts to key members of their base. You also didn’t hear much lamenting or dramatization of how certain areas of the country turned out in high enough numbers to push the president over the victory line.

The conservative pathology behind this reeling of the election loss is peculiar. It’s almost like these folks have been living in a bubble and they are suddenly sobering up to the idea that the good ol’ U.S. of A is not their parents’ country anymore. These conservative members of our society have clearly enclosed themselves into a life in which everyone and everything compliments their opinions and viewpoints. They clearly have immersed themselves so far into the Conservative Way of Life that they have not noticed how much life has and will continue to change and go on outside of their bubble.

One has to believe that these followers of the Conservative Way of Life feel some sort of loss at the fact that they will no longer be enough to push their candidates to victory. It’s a chilling slap in the face to them that their choice of candidates alone–who have been consistently anti-choice, anti-GLBTQ rights, anti-affirmative action, anti-immigrant–will no longer be able to win in the New America with such extreme views. It’s a stone-cold sober fact they are having to swallow that Republican/conservative extremism is a dying political ideology to cling to in order to win elections.

Much like Bill O’Reilly’s resigned belief that white folks will soon be in the minority, these overwhelmingly WASP, delicate souls going through the grieving process could also feel anxiety at the thought of losing the social, political and economic power that comes with being white.

I suspect this white rage at President Obama’s re-election has an undercurrent of racial resentment: how did this black man hold on to enough of the electorate to become our leader? How in the hell did Mitt Romney, our own white savior we chose to deliver us from this black madness, not muster enough support to defeat this steady march towards socialism?

In 2008, these same folks concluded people voted for Obama because he was black; that there was a sort of novelty that came with supporting the first black candidate who had a credible, serious shot at the White House. Now, they believe the president promised these undeserving minorities and poor people that he would deliver gifts; that he would be able to provide them with stuff, i.e., iPads, free cell phones, expanded, less restrictive welfare programs, food stamps for everybody, open borders, amnesty, socialized medicine, etc. All his policies are leading the good ol’ U.S. of A. towards the path of Communist U.S.S.R, so the promise of things must have garnered him enough votes to win, these WASP, delicate souls tell themselves.

The white rage directed at President Obama’s win is a reflection of the subliminal nervousness displayed by the practitioners of whiteness who believe their reign over a society sustained by hierarchical oppression is coming to a close. The white rage reflects a deep and latent resentment by conservatives that they will have to adapt to changing times in order for the Grand Old Party to remain relevant in the  next 50 years. It’s a resentment that is in response to followers of the Conservative Way of Life who have been forcibly shoved outside of their enclave by the failure of their last chance to overthrow a Muslim Kenyan president whose leading the republic away from its democratic roots.