To my Republican friends: you will be okay

Courtesy ThinkProgress

Now that the dust has settled from Election 2012, it’s time we all come together and move forward. I know that sounds like some pie-in-the-sky, hokey pokey liberal bullshit, but it’s true. It’s high time the Republican Party, its activists and its supporters stop their anti-patriotic (yeah, I went there and don’t act like you wouldn’t have gone there if Mitt Romney had won) whining and get on with their lives.

Whether you like it or not, President Barack Obama will be your president for the next four years. Whether you like it or not, a man by the name of Barack Hussein Obama will be the president of the United States and you will have to pay him the respect he’s due. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow that a man whose middle name is Hussein will be your commander-in-chief. But, that’s life and it’s time to get on with it.

Your president defeated a Massachusetts moderate by the name of Mitt Romney who, in attempt to appeal to Republican traditionalists, pushed his campaign so far to the right of the political spectrum that he lost sight of the Big Tent policy of campaigning in a general election. Mitt Romney’s campaign shunned the general electorate and never left the primary mode in its quest to appeal to evangelical Christians, Tea Party fanatics and men who want to take away women’s reproductive rights.

Believe it or not, it’s not the end of the world. It’s not the end of the good ol’ U.S. of A as we all know it. Obama’s victory will not spell the end of capitalism to make way for socialism; it will not mean the end of you being able to earn your own dollar and invest it in any way you see fit; it will not mean the end of you being able to pledge allegiance to the flag, pray to your respective God or practice your religion as you see fit; it does not mean the end of this country being labeled as one that collectively ascribes to Judeo-Christian principles; it does not mean the rise of a so-called welfare state that seeks to rob from the rich and powerful and give to the helpless and needy; it does not mean the death of patriotism and American exceptionalism.

What it does mean is this election signifies how the rising majority-minority can tip the balance of election.  It does mean that the Republican Party can no longer rely on its angry white men–and some angry white women–constituency to win elections for them. It means the Republican Party can’t cling to reactionary views on immigration reform, civil rights and marriage equality and expect to win elections.

It means Republicans can no longer legislate morality and rely on hate speech in an effort to restrict a segment of this country from obtaining full equality. It means Republicans can no longer be seen yucking it up with evangelical Christian pastors who are quick to condemn the GLBTQ community just because they don’t fit into the straight, white, male, cisgender, able-bodied personal of what a Christian should be.

It means the Republican Party can’t threaten the core of democracy–the right to vote–with subtle threats and misinformation and expect people of color to stay home on Election Day.

It means Republicans can’t intimidate black and brown voters with billboards claiming folks can’t vote because they haven’t paid child support or that they absolutely have to have a voter ID in some states.

What it does mean is Republicans can no longer afford to get behind candidates who spew nonsense such as legitimate rape and whether a pregnancy from an abortion is somehow God’s will.

It means Republicans can’t expect to discuss a woman’s uterus, spread misinformation about Planned Parenthood and develop ways to limit a woman’s constitutionally protected right to reproductive freedom and expect to win elections. Republicans can no longer treat a woman’s uterus as a political football, only to be kicked and tossed around when the GOP feels the pressure from the anti-choice crowd to get behind their cause.

To those who put their stock into the GOP and their hopes of unseating President Obama, you will be okay. The re-election of what you believe is a Kenyan Muslim who infiltrated the ranks of the good ol’ white boy network to win the presidency twice will not mean you will be put in some form of bondage or slavery, as your Tea Party comrades like to claim. The election of Obama–and the idea of having to swallow the fact that your president and his first family are black–will not mean you will be forced to give up your Bible, God, guns and your homophobic, racist, sexist, reactionary opinions and follow the doctrine of Obama-style socialism.

No, the re-election of Barack Obama as president of the United States will have no bearing on your way of life. But, it will force you and the Republican Party to own up to the fact that you can no longer win elections on the backs of white men and women. The inevitable shift to a majority-minority country will force the Republicans to shun Tea Party and reactionary elements that want to take the country back to the good ol’ days of Jim Crow and 1950s social policy. Of course, that change in the Republican Party values will only happen if it wants to have a future that includes winning elections.

This change in demographics will force the Republican Party to understand their pandering to the mostly white, male, evangelical Christian, right wing activists will no longer shield them from the rising tide of minorities who could care less about God, guns, gays and abortion.